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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
The person responsible for processing personal data, i.e. the website https://www.promex.gr (hereinafter promex.gr), considers that the protection of the privacy of its visitors and registered users is a fundamental element and a non-negotiable right, which must be ensured in the context of the exercise of its activity.

Promex.gr is diligently engaged in research for the best protection of personal data during the processing of user information, derived from the visit or use of the services of the website, its application and its services with the development and application of technological measures to prevent the unwanted dissemination of personal data by users, in order to ensure that the processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity of the subjects of personal data, with particular reference to privacy and personal identity card.

The user is requested to read the terms of the privacy policy of our website, in order to be informed about the information collected from him, when he visits the Promex.gr website and when he uses its online services, how they can be used and be shared, how that information is protected and what his rights are. By visiting the website and using the online services of Promex.gr, the user gives us his consent to the collection and processing of his personal data, as described in detail in this chapter of the Privacy Policy.

Collection of navigation data

The information systems, procedures and computing techniques, which govern the operation of our website and our application during their operation, extract certain personal data, and this “extraction” is performed automatically by the access and operation mechanisms and the protocols used on the internet.

More specifically, every time the user connects to the Promex.gr website and its application, every time he calls or requests content, as well as every time he takes an action, the access data is stored in our website’s systems with the format of table or linear data files.

This category includes data such as IP addresses, domain names of computers used by users, connected to our website and application, the user’s browser in the form of URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), date and time of submitting the request to the server, the method used to submit the request to the server, the amount of data transmitted, the numerical code indicating the status of the response from the server and other parameters related to the operating system and the environment user’s computer

In addition, the above data can be used to investigate liability in case of criminal behavior and the commission of criminal offenses against the website and its application or against its users themselves, in fact at the request of the competent supervisory authority itself.

User categories

In relation to the use of the website and its application, users are divided into two categories: private users and professionals in the field of the market of agricultural products, as well as businesses in the relevant sector.

Private users can mostly access certain services anonymously (e.g. product search) Professional users always have access to the services intended for them after registration.

Data Categories

The categories of data we may process are:
* Usage data, i.e. data we have collected from visitors and users of the website, including IP address, proxy, browser used, version, operating system, origin, duration of visit, pages visited, as well as information about the time, frequency, and patterns of use of our services.
*Account data, i.e. first name, last name, phone number, and email submitted by the user.Profile data, i.e. the access data that the user has chosen to identify himself and be able to enter his account.**
* Service data, i.e. data from the use of the website and its services.

*Public Data, i.e. data published using the website or using the website services.

* Support Data, i.e. data that a user has sent to us in support of a request or question in relation to the website and website services.

* Notification data, i.e. data provided by the user in order to be informed of news, newsletters, and related information that may be of interest to him.

** We only collect your public profile data from the consent you grant before you start logging into Facebook, from the social network you use to log in to our website. This data includes your first name, last name, email address, unique identifier, social profile avatar login. This data is used to create your user profile on our website. You can withdraw this consent at any time by sending us an email.

Purpose of Processing

The data collected through our website and its application are handled in a completely legal and appropriate manner and in accordance with the principles of proportionality, legality and within the framework defined by the relevant provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU 679/2016 (hereinafter: “the Regulations”) and will be used strictly and only to achieve the best possible provision of our services.

In addition to the automatic collection of navigation data, referred to in the previous paragraph, the user has the right to voluntarily provide personal data information, which will be collected by Promex.gr exclusively through the completion of a certain input field (hereinafter “Contact Form”), which recommended for users to enter their data, on the website and its application. The contact forms are of different types, depending on the type of service that the user intends to use.

In several applications and services of our website the user has the possibility to transmit personal information (eg e-mail address, name, telephone number, postal code, and other personal information). The sending of this data is done voluntarily and expressly and includes any data that is necessary for the purposes of the specific service that has been requested.

The personal data provided by the user will be recorded and stored in protected electronic media, and will be processed with the most appropriate security measures.

Sending e-mail messages to the addresses that may exist on the website and its application implies the acquisition by the sender of the personal information of the owner of the e-mail address. This email address, along with other personal data collected, is necessary to respond to the requests sent and to provide the specific services requested.

The data will be processed, in electronic or printed form, mainly through the use of automated and non-automated processes, while said processing should be carried out directly, either by the controller himself (Promex.gr.gr), either by an external partner performing the processing on behalf of the controller, or by a third party on behalf of the controller, in accordance with the provisions of article 4 of the Regulation.

Adequate security measures are in place to prevent non-conventional or illegal use of data, access by unauthorized parties and loss of data. No data is collected from the website and its application, without the necessary consent, in cases that do not serve to provide a service.

Need for express consent

.In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, but also in accordance with other provisions of national laws, as each time they apply in relation to the processing of personal data, the user will be specifically requested to give his specific and explicit consent for the processing and communication of this data, selecting a special box marked “I accept”.

Nature of data provision

The provision of data is optional, but in case of refusal to provide personal data which are necessary for the processing of the order – service requested, then it will not be possible to process it. In case they are not necessary, the controller will be able to process the requests and perform the required services mentioned in the paragraph above.

Processing Methods

The data controller will process the data in accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 and any applicable national law, ensuring full compliance with these legislative provisions, but also with any related to this subject (protection of personal data) contractual provisions wanted to be agreed between the parties, i.e. the user and the controller through our website.The registration and processing of the data will be done on paper and on a computer, within the framework of the principle of proportionality and always in accordance with the aforementioned purposes and, in any case, for the security and confidentiality of personal data. The data controller will process the personal data, either directly and in person, or using the services of third parties who will act as administrators, internal or possibly external to its structure or as representatives, in any case on behalf of the controller (Promex.gr ).

In accordance with the current legislative regime and in particular in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, a verification system against spam is activated in communications through the response to the announcements made available to users. The registered data can be verified, with the sole purpose of detecting illegal activities or content that does not comply with the General Terms of Use of our website, but in no case will it be processed or shared with third parties for commercial or advertising purposes

Data Security

The data collected and processed should be protected by physical and logical methods in order to minimize the risks of unauthorized access, dissemination, loss and destruction of the data, in accordance with the applicable provisions.

Promex.gr takes all the necessary technical and organizational measures for the security and protection of the user’s personal data from accidental or accidental destruction, loss, unauthorized modification, disclosure or access and from any other illegal processing of the personal data it manages. However, despite the good faith and every possible effort by our website to store users’ personal data in a secure operating environment, which is not open to the public, it is noted that there is no complete or perfect security and Promex.gr does not can guarantee that there will be no inadvertent disclosures of the user’s personal data.The latter must immediately inform our website in case his contact details have been lost, stolen or used without his permission. In such event, we will remove the user’s contact information from their account and update our records accordingly.

Promex.gr reserves the right to carry out – indicative and not limiting – actions, such as: a) recording and storing every communication of the visitor-user with the website, including email communication and questions – answers to its employees, customers (e.g. individuals, brokers, transport companies, etc.) or other persons, b) investigation of any complaint in the event that any communication does not comply with the terms and conditions of use thereof and a decision at its discretion to withdraw or demand the withdrawal of such communication,c) withdrawal of photos and generally data and information sent by the user, which are considered offensive, illegal or disturbing or which do not comply with the terms and conditions of use of our website d) deletion of registered members, when they do not comply with the terms and conditions of using our website after giving them a relevant warning.

Communication field and data dissemination

The data provided by the user will be shared and used exclusively by the data controller (Promex.gr) and by the companies designated as data processors, i.e. the processors or third parties authorized by the controller to processing of personal data as defined in article 4 of the RegulationAs mentioned above, for some services, the data is communicated to companies that cooperate with or use the services of the data controller (e.g. ………..), with the sole purpose of providing the services requested by the user.

In these cases the companies act independently and Promex.gr is not responsible for the processing of the data by them. Promex.gr is also not responsible for the content and compliance with the Privacy Regulation from websites that it does not manage.

Data transfer abroad

The personal data collected through our website and our application can be transferred outside the Greek territory exclusively and only for the performance of the services requested through our website and in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy and the special provisions of the Regulation.
Also, Promex.gr does not under any circumstances sell the user’s personal data, while when communicating them to third parties, within the framework of the above mentioned services, this is done exclusively and only for the fulfillment of the purposes provided for in this policy and the provision of its online services.

Information about cookies, search engines and location data

Cookies are designed to speed up the analysis of internet traffic, facilitate user access to the services offered by the Website and its application, and provide useful and relevant advertising to visitors. By using cookies, personal data is not transmitted or acquired and user tracking systems are not used. If the user does not want his information to be collected through this mechanism (use of cookies), the user can implement a simple procedure in the browser, which allows the denial of the operation of cookies.

Information about product recommendations included on the Site and App will be visible in searches performed on the internal search engine and will be available to third-party search engines as the Site and App allow its contents to be indexed from third parties.

Duration of processing

The processing of the data will not last longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the collection, i.e. storing the search criteria, sharing, publishing announcements and contacting the professionals who meet the user’s criteria.

The processing will last until the interested party decides to cancel the entered data, by contacting the data controller.
It will also be possible for it to last as long as the observance of personal data becomes necessary in compliance with our legal obligation or for the defense of our legal interests before Courts.

User rights

The personal data protection legislation provides the interested user with the exercise of specific rights. In particular, the user has the right to receive confirmation of the existence or not of personal data, even if it has not yet been registered, and that this data is available in an understandable format.

He may also request to know the origin of the data, the identity and contact details of the data controller, those merely performing the processing and third parties on behalf of the data controller, the processing purposes for which his personal data are intended, the recipients or the categories of recipients of his data and the storage time of the data and other matters referred to in article 13 of the Regulation.

He can also request the deletion of his data, its rectification, restriction of its processing, information about the previous ones, the download of such data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable data type or the blocking of data that have been processed in violation of the law, to object to processing and automated decision-making.

About questions

If you have any questions regarding this policy or in general regarding the activities of Promex.gr, you can contact us at the email address info@Promex.gr at the postal address: Koritsas 6, Kalochori Thessaloniki, PO Box 57009, Thessaloniki or phone About questions If you have any questions regarding this policy or in general regarding the activities of Promex.gr, you can contact us at the email address info@Promex.gr at the postal address: Koritsas 6, Kalochori Thessaloniki, PO Box 57009, Thessaloniki or phone 231111 7554